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Davids School Quest

2008-03-05 11:57:29 by martini53

well...finally i came up with the idea of making a game of my weird frend David and so far so good but i think the teachers in my school are gonna get really pissed because the game contains loads of ass-kicking and ..well driving over 4-graders with your skateboard aaand killing teachers in your way..
sorry i dont have a screenshot of the game so far (not the right filetype and im too lazy) but the whole game will be in swedish with i think is kickas but of course it will contain englich subs

hare gött


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2008-03-05 13:18:22

lolz wuut?


2008-03-06 09:49:30

betty e en spam bot asså allt han/hon/den skriver e FUCK YOU!
fett no lifer asså.....

martini53 responds:



2009-11-02 14:55:57

Cool u got the new poster! I want 1 :(